Saturday, January 28, 2012

This week was a good one. I have been really sore lately due to pregnancy. I know it is not going away anytime soon so I have been trying to distract myself with activities and things for Charlee and I to do. I completely ignored the fact that my house was a disaster all week because, I am just plain sick of cleaning!!
Charlee and I spent time with the Johnson Girls at their house for only a short hour this week because she got grumpy while over there. We usually try and see them once a week to play. Charlee and Ayla are 3 months apart. Bridget now has Rylee, who will be about 4 months older than our second little princess so we have a lot of fun and a lot in common with them. Charlee also loves her 5 year old son, Brayden.
On Wednesday, Charlee and I went with Jillayne and Malachi to Crazy Bounce out in Holland. It was so much fun. There are huge inflatable things to climb on and slide down. She loves to slide. I think the thing she loved the most though, was following Malachi around because she thinks she is a big kid. It was tiring for this big pregnant momma. I can only assume its slightly amusing to see a very pregnant women climb up and go down these huge slides. It was a good workout to say the least but was SO fun!
Derick and I looked forward to Thursday all week. The day my amazing husband turned 27. We had such a good day. That was the morning I brought Charlee to Bridgets to play. This was also the day that Charlee had an accident. When we got back from Bridgets we ate lunch and I put her in the bath tub. She tried climbing out of the bath tub for the first time by herself and was very unsuccesful. She fell and hit her chin on the side of the tub. That made her bite down on her tongue so hard that it was sliced open and she started to scream.. Since she gasps while screaming she actually choked a little on her blood. I shoved a towel in her mouth and soaked up the blood a little. I called Derick because at this point I thought I had to go to the ER. He made it home in about 5 minutes and by that time her tongue had stopped bleeding. Thank goodness the tongue heals so fast! I was glad she was full and ready for a nap. She needed to just rest and she was fine after that. Her tongue still looks a little sore but is almost better. It was her first big accident and now I know how it feels to have your child get hurt. It was awful!
After all that Chaos, we were still able to enjoy Derick's Birthday. We dropped Charlee off at Grandma and Grandpa Ditmars and she stayed the night there. We went to the car show and PF Changs for dinner. We love going to the car show every year and day dreaming about being able to drive certain ones. PF Changs was amazing as always. We just sat at the bar and ate because the restaurant was so busy but it was just as enjoyable. I love alone time with my hubby once in a while.
Friday morning, I got to sleep in until 8:00!! What is even better than that is when I got up, I looked at my still messy house and ignored it again. I just sat on the couch until noon and got up and ready and went and picked up Charlee. It was amazing to have the house to myself for a couple of hours. On the way home we visited my dad at his office for a little while. When we got back home finally, Derick, Charlee and I all played until it was time for her to go to bed. We put her to bed together like we do every night. Then Derick got to go on a man date with 3 friends from high school. He went and saw a movie and I finally cleaned the house and caught up on laundry.
Since it is so yucky outside today we are going to just enjoy time together as a family and play! It is going to be a relaxing day :

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Charlee had her 15 month wellness appointment today. We are, like most first parents very surprised at how smart our little one is. She says about 15 words now and does a little bit of baby sign language also. She listens more now when we tell her not to do something. Instead of eating everything she will find creative things to do with whatever she is getting into. She is a very happy baby! She is in the process of getting a couple of bottom molars right now which has made her wake up in the middle of the night the last few nights. That makes this super pregnant momma tired but it is of course worth every cuddle I can get!

Height- 31.75 in
Weight- 20lbs 4oz
Head Circumference- 17.75"

She is long, skinny with a tiny head. nothing has really changed since she was born.

Some Words;
Ouch (ow)
Teddy (ted)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Germ Tree

I was that mom who said, "I will NEVER let my children go on the 'germ tree' at the mall". Well I have done it twice so far. Charlee LOVES it! I have been terrible at keeping my camera by my side lately but next time we go I will be taking more pictures for sure! You would think that she is 3 years old by watching her climb on there. She does not let the older kids intimidate her at all. She is so adventurous but at the same time is always cautious. It is so cute to see her interact.

I am about 7 months along in my pregnancy now, it can be tough some days but I made a promise to myself that I would not let it get to me. I have learned that so much of the pregnancy blues come from within your head. I did not enjoy my pregnancy with Charlee because it was hard. This time, I went in knowing its hard. I know what the final day feels like, though. That is worth every tum you have to take because of heartburn or every time you sit on the toilet to pee and just rock until that last drop comes out.Then you have to go again in five minutes. I can't breathe or sleep but I am so excited to meet this second little girl that its hard to focus on that stuff. I am cherishing this pregnancy because we may decide to only have our two girls and be done. We will see what the future holds. Right now, I am most definitely in the nesting stage. I have been wanting everything around the house done so that we do not have to worry about anything when our second child comes. We have most of the baby stuff already and right now are just saving for the second crib and a couple more little things that we need.. We are getting so excited. The only thing we can not decide on is a name. We have changed our minds a million times. We decided that we wont have a name until she is here this time. We have a long list to bring to the hospital.

Charlee reached her 15 Month mark today. That time is just flying by. It has made my pregnancy fly by and it is making me really miss Charlee's littleness. This age that she has reached is my favorite. I think I have said that every month since she was born, haha. She has reached so many milestones now. It is amazing to see her grow. I am so thankful I can be home so that I am the one who gets to see everything happen. One of her biggest qualities is that she so full of love to give. She cuddles with me every morning and always has a hug or kiss to give. I would have to say right now her favorite person is her daddy. She is incredibly attached to him. It is amazing to watch but sometimes it sure does get me jealous!! She is shy to new people at first but after being in each situation for a little bit she really warms up to people and enjoys them too. Church is the only place she does not really warm up. She does not like being in the nursery. She tolerated it a handful of times but now wants nothing to do with it. There are too many other kids around the same age who have the same separation anxiety which leads them to all set eachother off and scream rather than play. It is such a terrible feeling getting your number called that we have decided until we feel she can be comfortable in the nursery we will just be watching Church at home.

I know I always go a really long time in between posts but here is the latest update on our little family. I eventually want to get back into blogging and wean away from Facebook. I dont like all the negative things on there and really only use it so that family and friends can see our girl so start following our blog if your one of those!! :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

smarty pants

Charlee Update!!

10 months and 1 week later and Charlee is turning into nothing less than amazing. Today I called her my little smarty pants so many times. She has been good at waving "buh, bye" for a while now but today, Derick left the room. I asked Charlee where her 'dada' went and she waved at the door he exited. It's funny how proud you get as your children do such little things in life. She was sitting in her high chair at this time eating dinner when she waved. Not long after she waved, I asked her if she was all done. I have been teaching her this but she raised her arm. She did it with such an enthusiasm that it just was a memorable moment. My little smarty pants.
This morning we started our day by going to the park with Jillayne and Malachi and fed the ducks. She had so much fun looking at the duckies. I taught her "duck". She would look at the ducks and say "duh". My little Smarty Pants.
After the park, we of course went home and got our afternoon nap in. She slept for two hours!! I was more than happy about that. Her norm lately has been about an hour twice a day. She not only slept in until 7:30 this morning, an hour later she took her normal hour long nap! We assume its a major growth spurt right now because she has been eating more than normal and also sleeping more than normal.
After Derick got home from work and we got Charlee nice and full, we headed to the Hudsonville Fair. When we first got there we didnt know that we had to pay in order to get into the fair. They didn't take debit cards and also had no ATM near the entrance. We walked for a few minutes but then Derick realized he had to run across busy Chicago Drive in order to get the cash to get in. Charlee and I went to the car and played in the back hatch together for a few minutes. She loved it! She crawled back n' forth in it a couple times with a big smile on her face. We got in and went to the animals first. I dont know why but I didnt take a picture of her favorite part. They had a lot of horses there and we brought her to see them. Her favorite was the horse named Rosie. Apparently, Rosie was funny. Charlee kept giggling at her. After that I broke my prego diet, got carni food, walked around and then we headed home.

So we only have about 6 weeks until my baby is 1! How did that happen!?! As much as I love watching her grow, I never knew it would get me so choked up to know my baby is not going to be a baby much longer. She is headed to walking and toddler-hood and fast. I don't know if I am ready for this next stage. I love the stage she's in :( It also makes me nervous to have another baby just because mine is so 'perfect'! What will the next one be like? ;) Charlee is so easy! She of course has her moments and there are times I want to pull out my hair but she is so easy going and mild tempered. Her cry is not often but 99% of the time for a specific reason and fixable. The other 1% is because she wants me to just carry her. She is still a wonderful nurser, but I decided I am going to start weening her at her birthday. AH! I have no idea how to do that, haha. I am a mom who gives in! It is best for me though at this time. It is starting to be painful to nurse now that my hormones are all out of wack! I love that bond too so it is going to be as hard for me as it is her. Her birthday is going to be a big emotional time for me! Time to start getting Charlee ready to be a big sissy. <3

 this month:

precious; She thinks were just fishing...

always a smile for mom

woo hoo! im a big girl!

nothing like that daddy, daughter bond.

My favorite. They're Awesome.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Mommy of 2!

Yup, We're having another baby! Excited, nervous, anxious, nervous, nervous and excited are my emotions about this. :) My due date is March 19. I had my first appointment and first ultrasound already. It was nice seeing our little peanut so early because due to me still breastfeeding Charlee, we didn't know the exact time of conception. I will be out of my first trimester in two weeks! I am excited about that because right now, I have felt awful! I am of course exhausted, it's normal, and I can handle it. But I have been having stomach aches every day which is not all that much fun.
People keep asking us if we want a boy this time. I would love to have a boy this time but by all means, I am not going to be disappointed if its a girl. Charlee and the new baby are only going to be 17 months apart so having a girl would be fun too because they will be so close in age. The only reason I would be more excited to have a boy is because, we most likely will be done having kids after that. But its all according to God's plan for us.
So right now, I am enjoying my one on one time with our baby girl. Derick is being a very patient man with his pregnant wife. We are doing the fun things right now like picturing what nursery is going to look like. What the baby will look like. We talk about baby names and are just mentally preparing ourselves right now!

She is going to be an AMAZING big sister!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

just today

I started a post about everything that I haven't written about in the last couple of months since I have lacked in blogging lately, BUT I am just going to start with today because that is just too much :)

I had such an awesome day today. I LOVE my 10 Month old so much! I haven't done much without my little peanut in quite a while because a lack of milk supply. I also wont be able to do many things until she is done nursing for good. I am not going to force her to be done either. With that; She is sooo attached to mommy. I have to say, I love the feeling. I love that she needs me and wants me. It can be bittersweet sometimes since I can't just have someone else hang out with her very often. (except daddy of course) She has so many smiles. Her personality is shining more than ever. Some of her favorite things are clicking her tongue, playing peek-a-boo, having mommy chase her, and walking along the furniture. She loves being outside, taking a walk is her favorite.Today Derick brought her to the pond in our back yard, put her in our carrier and had her try fishing! I missed it, He said she loved it though!

We went to the zoo today for the second time within a week. Charlee doesn't really get a whole lot out of it at this point. She mostly likes looking at all the little kids running around. I enjoy it though. Today we went with Bridget and her two kids, Brayden (4) and Ayla (13 mo) and Charlee loves being around them. Brayden makes her laugh so much. I have a feeling her and Ayla are always going to be best buds and she will always adore Aylas "older brother". After that we went and ate a quick lunch at Bridgets house.

We came home and Charlee took her afternoon nap, I gave her a couple of kisses and Derick hung out with her for the rest of the night. He put her to bed (without a bottle) and said it was a nightmare. So that is the last time I will be leaving her with no milk. :/ I had such a fun time with my best friend, Ann, though. We went to dinner, got pedicures, came back and skyped with Sandy, then went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. We had old chit chat. It was a nice adult night. :)