Tuesday, August 16, 2011

just today

I started a post about everything that I haven't written about in the last couple of months since I have lacked in blogging lately, BUT I am just going to start with today because that is just too much :)

I had such an awesome day today. I LOVE my 10 Month old so much! I haven't done much without my little peanut in quite a while because a lack of milk supply. I also wont be able to do many things until she is done nursing for good. I am not going to force her to be done either. With that; She is sooo attached to mommy. I have to say, I love the feeling. I love that she needs me and wants me. It can be bittersweet sometimes since I can't just have someone else hang out with her very often. (except daddy of course) She has so many smiles. Her personality is shining more than ever. Some of her favorite things are clicking her tongue, playing peek-a-boo, having mommy chase her, and walking along the furniture. She loves being outside, taking a walk is her favorite.Today Derick brought her to the pond in our back yard, put her in our carrier and had her try fishing! I missed it, He said she loved it though!

We went to the zoo today for the second time within a week. Charlee doesn't really get a whole lot out of it at this point. She mostly likes looking at all the little kids running around. I enjoy it though. Today we went with Bridget and her two kids, Brayden (4) and Ayla (13 mo) and Charlee loves being around them. Brayden makes her laugh so much. I have a feeling her and Ayla are always going to be best buds and she will always adore Aylas "older brother". After that we went and ate a quick lunch at Bridgets house.

We came home and Charlee took her afternoon nap, I gave her a couple of kisses and Derick hung out with her for the rest of the night. He put her to bed (without a bottle) and said it was a nightmare. So that is the last time I will be leaving her with no milk. :/ I had such a fun time with my best friend, Ann, though. We went to dinner, got pedicures, came back and skyped with Sandy, then went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. We had old chit chat. It was a nice adult night. :)

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