Monday, August 22, 2011

Mommy of 2!

Yup, We're having another baby! Excited, nervous, anxious, nervous, nervous and excited are my emotions about this. :) My due date is March 19. I had my first appointment and first ultrasound already. It was nice seeing our little peanut so early because due to me still breastfeeding Charlee, we didn't know the exact time of conception. I will be out of my first trimester in two weeks! I am excited about that because right now, I have felt awful! I am of course exhausted, it's normal, and I can handle it. But I have been having stomach aches every day which is not all that much fun.
People keep asking us if we want a boy this time. I would love to have a boy this time but by all means, I am not going to be disappointed if its a girl. Charlee and the new baby are only going to be 17 months apart so having a girl would be fun too because they will be so close in age. The only reason I would be more excited to have a boy is because, we most likely will be done having kids after that. But its all according to God's plan for us.
So right now, I am enjoying my one on one time with our baby girl. Derick is being a very patient man with his pregnant wife. We are doing the fun things right now like picturing what nursery is going to look like. What the baby will look like. We talk about baby names and are just mentally preparing ourselves right now!

She is going to be an AMAZING big sister!

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