Thursday, August 25, 2011

smarty pants

Charlee Update!!

10 months and 1 week later and Charlee is turning into nothing less than amazing. Today I called her my little smarty pants so many times. She has been good at waving "buh, bye" for a while now but today, Derick left the room. I asked Charlee where her 'dada' went and she waved at the door he exited. It's funny how proud you get as your children do such little things in life. She was sitting in her high chair at this time eating dinner when she waved. Not long after she waved, I asked her if she was all done. I have been teaching her this but she raised her arm. She did it with such an enthusiasm that it just was a memorable moment. My little smarty pants.
This morning we started our day by going to the park with Jillayne and Malachi and fed the ducks. She had so much fun looking at the duckies. I taught her "duck". She would look at the ducks and say "duh". My little Smarty Pants.
After the park, we of course went home and got our afternoon nap in. She slept for two hours!! I was more than happy about that. Her norm lately has been about an hour twice a day. She not only slept in until 7:30 this morning, an hour later she took her normal hour long nap! We assume its a major growth spurt right now because she has been eating more than normal and also sleeping more than normal.
After Derick got home from work and we got Charlee nice and full, we headed to the Hudsonville Fair. When we first got there we didnt know that we had to pay in order to get into the fair. They didn't take debit cards and also had no ATM near the entrance. We walked for a few minutes but then Derick realized he had to run across busy Chicago Drive in order to get the cash to get in. Charlee and I went to the car and played in the back hatch together for a few minutes. She loved it! She crawled back n' forth in it a couple times with a big smile on her face. We got in and went to the animals first. I dont know why but I didnt take a picture of her favorite part. They had a lot of horses there and we brought her to see them. Her favorite was the horse named Rosie. Apparently, Rosie was funny. Charlee kept giggling at her. After that I broke my prego diet, got carni food, walked around and then we headed home.

So we only have about 6 weeks until my baby is 1! How did that happen!?! As much as I love watching her grow, I never knew it would get me so choked up to know my baby is not going to be a baby much longer. She is headed to walking and toddler-hood and fast. I don't know if I am ready for this next stage. I love the stage she's in :( It also makes me nervous to have another baby just because mine is so 'perfect'! What will the next one be like? ;) Charlee is so easy! She of course has her moments and there are times I want to pull out my hair but she is so easy going and mild tempered. Her cry is not often but 99% of the time for a specific reason and fixable. The other 1% is because she wants me to just carry her. She is still a wonderful nurser, but I decided I am going to start weening her at her birthday. AH! I have no idea how to do that, haha. I am a mom who gives in! It is best for me though at this time. It is starting to be painful to nurse now that my hormones are all out of wack! I love that bond too so it is going to be as hard for me as it is her. Her birthday is going to be a big emotional time for me! Time to start getting Charlee ready to be a big sissy. <3

 this month:

precious; She thinks were just fishing...

always a smile for mom

woo hoo! im a big girl!

nothing like that daddy, daughter bond.

My favorite. They're Awesome.


  1. Thanks for the update Janelle! I can't believe she is going to be 1 soon either. I wish I could see her and play with her. I bet your a great mom! Dad looks pretty loving too! Lots of Love. --Joe

  2. You will be fine at weening Charlee off of breast feeding. You'll just have to be strong and not give in, it will get her ready for the new baby :)

    PS: Have you tried a circle time with Charlee? Flashcards and whatnot like we talked about? I bet she'd catch on quick!!