Thursday, June 9, 2011

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A long time coming now. I finally have a minute to update my blog! In the last twoish months, Derick and I have bought a house. Moved into that house. Decorated and cleaned that house. (well some of it) We had our 6 month old grow into an 8 month old! We of course went to the Caribbean and got MARRIED! We also had our reception last weekend! We have had a lot on our plates lately and are so thankful that today we are able to just slow things down for a while.

SO the start..
Our new home :) its beautiful. I love it. I love the location. I love that its huge. I love the yard. As a family we love everything about it! It feels so great to be home owners. I have before pictures of what it looks like inside. I just have to take after pictures to show you all of our hard work :) Keep an eye out!

Next. The wedding! PERFECT; is the only word to describe it. I truly truly had my dreams come true the day I said I do. The wedding was amazing. We had 12 people and the two babies (Charlee and Brayden) there with us and we would not have it any other way. I felt like a princess. Derick and I wrote our own vows. It was very intimate. I think we can both say we were floating on top of the world.
That day I had two little girls on two separate occasions look at me, then look at their mom and say, "Mom, Look! A princess!" Honestly, that can make any girl feel amazing. So many girls dream of having this huge wedding.. I had a dream of having a small wedding and the most stress I felt in planning it was making sure that everyone had something to wear and their plane tickets. I am so happy with what I did. The Cruiseline really took care of us. They planned everything and it was beautiful.
We arrived in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl on May 4th and stayed at a resort with our families for a couple of days before the big day. I woke up at like 5am on Saturday the 7th and started getting ready. We all got ready ourselves. By 9:00, everyone started making their way to the cruiseship. It was the biggest ship in the world, I am so glad we chose it for our wedding day. It was magnificent. We got to walk around and experience the ship for a while before the wedding. At 1:45, We made our way to the Chapel and before I knew it, my dad was walking me down the aisle. My Maid of Honor was Andrea Schuiling and my bridesmaid was Megan Muste. They are my best friend and my brothers girlfriend, who I hope to be a sister someday ;). They were beautiful and so helpful. Dericks two boys up there were my brothers, John and Charlie. He is so happy to have had them there. He loves having two new brothers. My photographer was awesome! He was quite hard to understand sometimes but he takes amazing pictures! We want to give a special thanks to our families that were there and everyone for supporting our decision to do a destination wedding.

Enjoy our pictures!

Sailing on the largest cruise ship in the world for seven days; yes please! The next seven days were unforgettable. Derick and I had our friends, Ann and Jeff cruise with us which was so nice because we had our honeymoon most of the time alone but when we wanted a couple to hang out with and take pics with, they were there. The weather for the most part, was beautiful. We only had a couple of rainy moments. We went to the Bahamas the second day, St. Thomas the fourth day, St. Maartin, the fifth day, and then enjoyed the huge ship the rest of the days. The Bahamas was my favorite. The beach near Atlantis was just beautiful. I definitely want to go back. 

My 8 month old:
Charlee Rae is 8 months old on Monday. WOW! I know every mom says this and says it often but it goes by sooo fast. I LOVE this age! She is so much fun. She is so giggly and smiley all of the time. The minute she was born, I never thought that I could love that girl any more than I did at that moment, but.. I do. She is rocking on her knees, pulling herself up, and is moments away from crawling. The week she turned 7 months old, she got two teeth and we're positive there are more to come in the next couple of weeks. She eats two solid meals a day. For a few weeks after the cruise it was really hard to get my breast milk supply back up. I did it, though. I am glad I still have that bond with her. It is a fulfilling feeling to be able to do that again after it diminishes for a while. I will breastfeed for as long as possible. One bad thing about it, though, is that she grabs my face and pinches my nose every single feeding. It hurts, haha. Charlee really enjoys her Daddy time now. They have such a great bond now that she is older and he can toss her around and play with her. She went from waking up every two to three hours to sleeping through the night! *sigh* I have so much more energy now. Oh! And, I am a stay at home mom now! YAY! She hates actually going to bed but I will take that instead of not sleeping now. I am still cloth diapering. It was challenging for a little bit because we didnt have our diaper sprayer but, its back in action and I love it again. Our big girl:

enough for now..

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