Wednesday, April 13, 2011

6 months.

My baby is 6 months old today. weird. In the last 6 months every day has been a sweet sweet challenge for me. Being a mom is amazing! Charlee is so sweet. She is so layed back. I feel lucky to have such an easy baby. My last post was about sleep. It was great for two nights and then; well, she liked her old habits better. HA! She decided to go through a growth spurt that week I think. Now I noticed when we bottle feed her she is eating around 5 ounces each time and less often. So we are back to every three hours or so at night. I give up trying to make her sleep. I figure I will again someday! I think I actually get more sleep when I just nurse her like she likes and go back to bed than if I try and hold out her eating. SO, the new plan is to just tend to my baby when she needs me.
Dear Miss Charlee Rae,
  The last six months with you from day 1 have been amazing. The minute I held you in my arms, I was a new person. I loved you from the minute I knew you were inside me. I found out you were a girl and my love grew. I felt your first kicks and it grew more. I started labor and I was so excited to see your face. I held you for the first time and a love I never knew overcame me. I nursed you and I loved you more. I watched you sleep and I loved you more. I saw your first smile and I loved you more. I saw you roll over and I loved you more. I watch you mimic me and I love you more. I hear your giggles and I love you more. I thank God for giving you to your dad and I every day. You melt my heart. I say I love you alot today but its hard to imagine that it just gets stronger every day! Lately you have been giving affection back. You give huggies and kissies! I want them all day long!! I have to say that the age you are at is so much fun! You are the cutest little thing ever! Some of my favorite things are how when I give you kissies, you clearly think its special. You have a huge smile. You think mom and dad are the funniest people ever. Your giggle is the cutest thing. You love to learn. To communicate you give out cute very loud screams. They are happy screams. I love that you are so Happy! I love how you suck in your little lips. How you like dropping your toys just so you can pick them up again. I love feeding you food and making a huge mess of you! Your signature look is that you have your bottom lip pouted out. Good luck to your dad with that one in the future ;) I love that you are mommies little girl right now. You always want me around! It is very hard with us buying a house and getting married and planning so many things right now to always hold you. But I make it work! and I love it! I love you booger. I love watching you grow. I thank you for being amazing baby girl!
Love Mom

With that, the last months have been amazing. They have been fun and busy. I am so excited for what is about to come. We are closing on the house within days now. There has been a slight hold up so it might not be friday but if its not we will hope to close tuesday. But I have my second wedding shower on Sunday and am so excited! We get married in just 3 weeks! It seems so close! I have been busy packing of course but also with dealing with last minute wedding details! I am so excited! Leaving our new home will be bittersweet :) It will be a nice gift to come home to though! Leaving Charlee for a week is really starting to hit home now. I know I will do okay with phone and internet but it is going to be hard! But we are glad we get to start off our marriage with a week just to the two of us. Any advice on how to handle it? I am planning on giving her a book and bear with our voices in it and also taking a onesie with me that smells like her for easier pumping! Well I think that this is all that is new! I will make time for pictures soon and post them in my next post! But it might take some time!! Thanks for reading!

Here is our cute girl giggles! Please watch!
Charlee Raes Laugh!
  -i am jumping in a circle which she thinks is very funny-

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