Monday, March 28, 2011


So we have been trying something new! In my last post, I explained how we are trying something new to make Charlee sleep. Well its working!!!!
As many moms know, making your baby cry out their bad sleep habits is too hard. I refuse to do it so I am trying something else. I always put her to bed between 8 and 9. I try to always have her in bed around the same time but sometimes she takes a while.
Her old sleep habits were that she would wake up and want to nurse every two hours. I was exhausted so I decided it was time for a change. The first night, she of course woke up every two hours like always. Instead of feeding her, I would pick her up, give her a paci and cuddle her back to sleep. If I would lay her back down she would get upset so I had to do a lot of holding her. It was a long, long night but Derick helped with half the night too so we each slept about half the night.
Night Two was a little bit better. We had to cuddle her a lot and let her sleep next to us but she did sleep for longer periods of time.
On night three we put her to bed and she woke up like always around 11 or so and I fed her one last time because that is about the time I go to bed anyways. I put her back down and she woke up 3 hours later, I gave her a paci and she fell back to sleep. She woke up another 3 hours later and I nursed her. Her body is slowly getting used to only eating every 6 hours at night. It is so nice! I feel so much more rested! She is still not a perfect sleeper but with time, I think I can fix these terrible sleep habits! :)

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