Saturday, January 28, 2012

This week was a good one. I have been really sore lately due to pregnancy. I know it is not going away anytime soon so I have been trying to distract myself with activities and things for Charlee and I to do. I completely ignored the fact that my house was a disaster all week because, I am just plain sick of cleaning!!
Charlee and I spent time with the Johnson Girls at their house for only a short hour this week because she got grumpy while over there. We usually try and see them once a week to play. Charlee and Ayla are 3 months apart. Bridget now has Rylee, who will be about 4 months older than our second little princess so we have a lot of fun and a lot in common with them. Charlee also loves her 5 year old son, Brayden.
On Wednesday, Charlee and I went with Jillayne and Malachi to Crazy Bounce out in Holland. It was so much fun. There are huge inflatable things to climb on and slide down. She loves to slide. I think the thing she loved the most though, was following Malachi around because she thinks she is a big kid. It was tiring for this big pregnant momma. I can only assume its slightly amusing to see a very pregnant women climb up and go down these huge slides. It was a good workout to say the least but was SO fun!
Derick and I looked forward to Thursday all week. The day my amazing husband turned 27. We had such a good day. That was the morning I brought Charlee to Bridgets to play. This was also the day that Charlee had an accident. When we got back from Bridgets we ate lunch and I put her in the bath tub. She tried climbing out of the bath tub for the first time by herself and was very unsuccesful. She fell and hit her chin on the side of the tub. That made her bite down on her tongue so hard that it was sliced open and she started to scream.. Since she gasps while screaming she actually choked a little on her blood. I shoved a towel in her mouth and soaked up the blood a little. I called Derick because at this point I thought I had to go to the ER. He made it home in about 5 minutes and by that time her tongue had stopped bleeding. Thank goodness the tongue heals so fast! I was glad she was full and ready for a nap. She needed to just rest and she was fine after that. Her tongue still looks a little sore but is almost better. It was her first big accident and now I know how it feels to have your child get hurt. It was awful!
After all that Chaos, we were still able to enjoy Derick's Birthday. We dropped Charlee off at Grandma and Grandpa Ditmars and she stayed the night there. We went to the car show and PF Changs for dinner. We love going to the car show every year and day dreaming about being able to drive certain ones. PF Changs was amazing as always. We just sat at the bar and ate because the restaurant was so busy but it was just as enjoyable. I love alone time with my hubby once in a while.
Friday morning, I got to sleep in until 8:00!! What is even better than that is when I got up, I looked at my still messy house and ignored it again. I just sat on the couch until noon and got up and ready and went and picked up Charlee. It was amazing to have the house to myself for a couple of hours. On the way home we visited my dad at his office for a little while. When we got back home finally, Derick, Charlee and I all played until it was time for her to go to bed. We put her to bed together like we do every night. Then Derick got to go on a man date with 3 friends from high school. He went and saw a movie and I finally cleaned the house and caught up on laundry.
Since it is so yucky outside today we are going to just enjoy time together as a family and play! It is going to be a relaxing day :

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