Friday, January 13, 2012

Germ Tree

I was that mom who said, "I will NEVER let my children go on the 'germ tree' at the mall". Well I have done it twice so far. Charlee LOVES it! I have been terrible at keeping my camera by my side lately but next time we go I will be taking more pictures for sure! You would think that she is 3 years old by watching her climb on there. She does not let the older kids intimidate her at all. She is so adventurous but at the same time is always cautious. It is so cute to see her interact.

I am about 7 months along in my pregnancy now, it can be tough some days but I made a promise to myself that I would not let it get to me. I have learned that so much of the pregnancy blues come from within your head. I did not enjoy my pregnancy with Charlee because it was hard. This time, I went in knowing its hard. I know what the final day feels like, though. That is worth every tum you have to take because of heartburn or every time you sit on the toilet to pee and just rock until that last drop comes out.Then you have to go again in five minutes. I can't breathe or sleep but I am so excited to meet this second little girl that its hard to focus on that stuff. I am cherishing this pregnancy because we may decide to only have our two girls and be done. We will see what the future holds. Right now, I am most definitely in the nesting stage. I have been wanting everything around the house done so that we do not have to worry about anything when our second child comes. We have most of the baby stuff already and right now are just saving for the second crib and a couple more little things that we need.. We are getting so excited. The only thing we can not decide on is a name. We have changed our minds a million times. We decided that we wont have a name until she is here this time. We have a long list to bring to the hospital.

Charlee reached her 15 Month mark today. That time is just flying by. It has made my pregnancy fly by and it is making me really miss Charlee's littleness. This age that she has reached is my favorite. I think I have said that every month since she was born, haha. She has reached so many milestones now. It is amazing to see her grow. I am so thankful I can be home so that I am the one who gets to see everything happen. One of her biggest qualities is that she so full of love to give. She cuddles with me every morning and always has a hug or kiss to give. I would have to say right now her favorite person is her daddy. She is incredibly attached to him. It is amazing to watch but sometimes it sure does get me jealous!! She is shy to new people at first but after being in each situation for a little bit she really warms up to people and enjoys them too. Church is the only place she does not really warm up. She does not like being in the nursery. She tolerated it a handful of times but now wants nothing to do with it. There are too many other kids around the same age who have the same separation anxiety which leads them to all set eachother off and scream rather than play. It is such a terrible feeling getting your number called that we have decided until we feel she can be comfortable in the nursery we will just be watching Church at home.

I know I always go a really long time in between posts but here is the latest update on our little family. I eventually want to get back into blogging and wean away from Facebook. I dont like all the negative things on there and really only use it so that family and friends can see our girl so start following our blog if your one of those!! :)

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