Thursday, February 24, 2011


So time is flying by now! It seems hard to find time to do anything. Derick is back to working long hours again and when I am not busy with Charlee, I am running errands or making phone calls. We are having so much fun imagining things for our new home.We had inspections today and they went really well. A great piece of mind to know we are making the right decision about this house. We are so excited for April 20! That is our close date.
Some photos of our house :)

We have been having so much fun with Charlee lately too! She makes me smile every time I look at her. I love being her mommy. Shes so full of personality now! She is becoming easier and more playful. For a few weeks she was daddys little girl only, but now I am soaking up a lot of her smiles too! I LOOOVE IT! She is amazing! She is sleeping again which is so nice! She will sleep for about five hours then four. I still feel exhausted but I imagine thats not going away anytime soon! Today I left the room for a second while she was sitting in her bumbo and returned and Cole was accompanying her. She was reaching out to him! It was such a cool thing to witness her and her puppy loving eachother.. She was my model for the last couple of days while I am still trying to get good at using our camera! I feel like I took a step further with it the last couple of days, so I hope you enjoy the pictures!
looks like shes praying :)

her favorite toy!

my little model wearing her bow! She had enough hair on top to wear it hehe

playing with her puppy

haha! the weenie got a big smooch!

her new toy from grandma and papa Goltz!

Her fingers are ALWAYS freezing because theyre constantly in her mouth

yummy fingers

mommy time!

 favorite toys again

loves the colors on her blanket that Grandma D made her

Random roll over while I was snapping photos! 

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