Monday, February 28, 2011

Sitting lady!

What a Sunday we had! It was a big day for Miss Charlee Rae! She decided to sit up by herself now, at four and a half months! Rolling over has become natural and she even lifted herself up off her chest once.. She did amazing yesterday. I was shocked at her accomplishments.. I think and hope we still have a little bit before the crawling stage but she is above and beyond for everything else! Today she did alot of napping which let mommy get some much needed cleaning done! Ann came over this afternoon and spent time with us too.

She spent the day at Grandma Jos Saturday

This is when she decided to be big!

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  1. I just love her, she is getting cuter and cuter every time I look at the photos you post ... I didn't think that was possible :) I Love you and your amazing little family and am so proud of all your accomplishments.