Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentine..

So I feel like a big slacker because I have yet to take any pictures or post any blog updates in February.. This month has been crazy busy for our little family. There has not been a day where I have been able to just sit home and relax...
However on a good note, I have alot to share! First of all Charlee is officially FOUR months old! I just can not believe it! Her newest two things are laughing and she has found her voice. She thinks my step mom is the funniest person ever. Derick and I can get her to laugh when were goofing around with her too but no one can make her laugh like her. That has just been an incredible sight to see. When I say she has found her voice it means.. She loves to scream!! She just screams to talk. Its so funny! She always does it in the mornings and right before bed! When she does it right before bed its very distracting because we are trying to get her to bed! It is just so much fun though that we just take it for what it is ;)
Charlee had her four month well child visit. She is 14.5 lbs and 24.5 inces long! She is right on track in the 50% for her weight. The doctor actually said she did not know what % her height was because it was off the chart! SUPER LONG! Other than that she is right on track with the things she is learning and even teaching herself!

The last few weeks have been stressful busy! They have been very exciting too.We put an offer in on a house in Grandville and it was ACCEPTED!!! Our close date is 4-20-11! It is so exciting.. We have alot to do yet but the major part is done! We are sooo excited! God was definitely in charge of that one!! We get a golf course as our backyard and our church is a street over! My work is about 5 minutes away and Dericks is about 10. Other than everything with the house, Wedding Planning has been on the top of my priority list. We have our hotel booked, our flights booked, families flights booked, all of our questions answered, our shuttles booked. Our guest list is complete. I have my Wedding Dress in possession and Anns, MOH dress is on its way!. I ordered my shoes today.. We will be picking out what the guys are wearing thursday! We are well on our way!! I am so ready for Vacation! We are going to Fort Lauderdale, FL on May 4th and staying at a resort for 3 nights with Charlee and most of our families.. Then Saturday morning we are boarding the ship, getting married and sailing away with Ann and Jeff! Charlee will then go home with Dericks mom and stay with her for the next 7 days.. I am still pumping my life away right now for that to happen! :)

On Valentines day~~ Derick and I will never forget this Valentines day.. We put the offer in on our first house! During the day I spent some quality time with my four month old and we had a great valentines together.. I asked her to be my valentine and she smiled. :) Derick got home from work and said we had to sign the paperwork to put our offer in.. It happened fast! We asked Dericks mom to watch Charlee and we were off! On the way to dropping her off we decided that we should go see a movie since it was Valentines day! It is hard for me to leave her.. spur of the moment like that but man, am I glad I did!!! Derick and I had soooo much fun! Since having a baby, we did not really feel distant but last night being alone together and going to see a movie and cuddling in the theater was a great reminder of our relationship! Its like we completely reconnected! I left the theater and said to myself I am so lucky to have found the ONE! We both felt something really special that night.. It could have been the whole house thing or the fact that it was spur of the moment but it was great! Today I got to hang out with the baby all day! We read books together and I tickled her till she was tickled out.. I did laundry during nap time then she went dress shopping with Ann and I. She talked the whole time we were in the dress store! Shes so cool!

My next post will hopefully have pictures and more information on our big changes :):)

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  1. Wow, Janelle! It sounds like you have sooo much done! I'm so happy for you and can NOT wait!!!