Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Blizzard of 2011

 Dericks birthday was last wednesday and we celebrated it wednesday, thursday and sunday :)..
Wednesday my stepmom and brother got Derick a cake and we sang happy birthday to him after I got out of work! He received a blue ray player from me.. Thursday, we went to Dericks dads house and had such a yummy yummy dinner! Charlee loooved cuddling with her papa that night! Sunday, we went to Dericks moms for yet another yummy dinner! He got a blue ray movie for his new player while we were over there! He had a wonderful birthday! It has been such a fun, busy week! Here are some pictures from his birthday!
family photo at grandmas house :)

ah shes so big!

hello kitty cupcake!

Charlee watched daddy open his birthday present

What an exciting day it was today! The blizzard of 2011 has shut EVERYTHING down! I am so glad we got to experience something so cool! Derick tried going to work today, got down the road and realized he was not going to be able to get on the highway. He then tried turning around and coming home made it a mile away from home and got stuck! I had to wake up my dad to go rescue him :) We rented Toy Story 3 last night in preparation of the storm! We had a nice morning watching a movie together as a family!
Derick and I had fun playing with the dogs in the snow for a short time!
me literally neck deep in the drift!

Derick playing in the snow!


 stuck in the deep deep snow :)

They enjoyed it!

Derick playing with Athena

I was running and fell.. Derick caught it on camera lol


early this morning.. my car was stuck      

As for our little girl! She is getting so big! She is full of personality! We will stick out our tongue and blow and make the bubbly noise and she will copy us now! its incredible to see how smart she is! She loves to giggle now :) Her little laughs are priceless! They make you welt up a little bit!
Her sleeping habits are getting tiring for mommy... It seems as if shes always going through a growth spurt! but when you lay her down and check on her she smiles at you with that wonderful smile and you forget all about being tired! 
she thought grandma winkle was very very funny that night :)

she is such a daddys girl.. every time she sees him her eyes light up!

she loves touching his facial hair
the end

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