Friday, January 21, 2011


My life has been quite hectic in the last couple of weeks. Derick has been sick, so that has left me with two babies to take care of! For the most part Charlee and I hibernate in our room while Derick is out on the couch. We are desperately trying not to get sick. I can feel my throat start to hurt once in a while and then it just goes away.. Thank God for breastfeeding!! I would hate to see my baby get sick. It really does prove the point that breastfeeding really is so healing. I love it! I could never imagine not breastfeeding my baby. It has become a lot easier for me lately too.

I am officially down to two days a week at work now! It only took three months for it to happen but it finally did! I am so happy that I can spend 5 entire days a week with my baby girl now and do not have to worry about low milk supply and whatnot. At first going back to work was very hard on me! I didnt want to miss anything Charlee did! I have now learned that its a good thing. When I am at work I truly enjoy my relationships with my co-workers and clients. I sit there and talk about Charlee all day! :) I do miss Charlee every time I leave her but I know she is always in great hands, usually with Grandma Ditmar. I dont really miss anything at all either. I havent missed any of her firsts yet. I am thankful for that. She has been having a lot of firsts lately! I love it! Her personality is really shining through!

I am a really exhausted mommy lately though. Charlee weighs 13.8 lbs now and is 25 inches long! She is going through a major growth spurt and hasnt been sleeping more than two hours at a time. I am very ready for that to change. This is the first night that I feel some what rested, which is why I am up late updating the blog.. I was able to take two naps today! They were wonderful. I am trying to change the sleeping schedule back to her normal six hours so tonight I started what I should have started months ago. I massaged her whole little body before bed. We gave her a bath then I gave her a massage and she fell right to sleep. She could hardly stay awake while I was putting her clothes back on her. We will see how it helps. With my work schedule back to normal and Derick getting better, I am able to get her back on somewhat of a schedule. I think that will play a huge role in her sleeping habits.

There are only about three and a half more months before Derick and I leave for a week and get married. From now until then I am going to be limiting my outings and I will be a pumping machine! My goal is to pump 80 ounces of milk before the cruise. I wont ever give Charlee formula so I have to give up my body until then. It has been a little easier for me to pump lately so that encourages me to do it! We are getting sooo excited for this wedding/ vacation! I found my wedding dress, I know which dress my bridesmaid will be wearing and we are finally starting to get everything planned! Im so close to becoming a Goltz! YAY!

Here are some moments from the last few weeks!

we showed her the snow!

First time in the high chair

We had Charlees 3 month pics taken.. here are just a few.

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