Monday, January 10, 2011


It has been way too long since I have posted! I am posting twice in one day just to catch up! Here is my new years post! My last year and what I expect of my new year.

God. Family. Friendship. These are some aspects of my life that I have absorbed this past year and that I will cherish forever more. This past year has been amazing to me. I have gained so much and will carry it with pride in my many years to come. I am so excited what 2011 has in store for me since 2010 was so great to me!

My relationship with God has grown tremendously in the last year. The day that God gave Charlee to Derick and I, I finally learned what I was created for. I know I am suppose to be a mother. I am suppose to teach my children of God, so that they can pass their knowledge of him on too. I always wondered what Gods plan was for me and I knew that one day it would just come. I waited from the day I was saved (sept 11, 2005) until October 7th, 2010. That day is the day this overwhelming feeling came upon me. I saw that little face on my chest and I knew my whole world changed on many levels. Now, Derick and I can not wait to raise Charlee in a Christian home. We are so excited to see what he has in store for our family in our future years.

I love that I am starting 2011 with my own little family! Derick, Charlee and Cole are my life. I love my family so much. Mine and Derick's relationship has bloomed so much in 2010.. Its so amazing being in love with my best friend. The day Charlee was born made our relationship grow on a completely different level. My love for my daughter too, is absolutely incredible. I love being able to kiss her everyday. I love praying to her and telling her I love her everyday. I love reading to her. I love fixing her problem when she cries. I love when she laughs. I love teaching her things and that she surprises us with something new everyday. There is not a day that goes by where she does not put a smile on our face. We love that she needs both Derick and I everyday. There are always new challenges with her. We have fun with every single one though. Charlee was the most incredible accomplishment in 2010. Mine and Dericks relationship has been a huge accomplishment too. We look at each other and even other people see love in our eyes. I am quite proud to say he will be mine forever!

I am thankful for My great family too! I have become so close with my mom this year... She is one of my best friends and I cant wait to become even closer in our many years to come.. My mom is amazing and such a great grandma to my girl! My other set of parents have been so great too! They have welcomed us into their home while we get ready to buy a house. I am so thankful to have them and they are able to see Charlee grow a lot in her first 6 months or so.. I love that my family loves Derick. Dericks family have welcomed me in as one of their own too and I love them soo much. I suppose Im lucky in the fact that Im completely opposite to the typical "i hate my mother in law". I Love my mother in-law(s).. Dericks family is amazing :) They all have taken me in as one of their own! Charlie, John-John, Jen and Cavan are such great siblings to have too! Derick can not wait to gain my brothers as his own and I can not wait to gain Jen and Cavan and their family as my own family too. (officially ;)

Friendship. My friendships have either blossomed or diminished in 2010 and since having a child. Its hard to keep in contact with everyone all of the time. My best friends, Andrea and Bridget are the ones I know will be around forever. I love those two girls like sisters. Ann- I appreciate more than ever... I am so excited to know that my Maid of Honor for my wedding will be in my life forever. She has been such a great Auntie to Charlee and has always supported me and helped me with anything I need. I am pretty lucky to have someone like her in my life. Bridget- We have had so much happen in our friendship and I know that Ill never take advantage of it. I love her so much and I love that our girls are going to be close like we are too! I know Ive always called her one of my best friends but since having Charlee and Ayla we really "get" eachother :) I love those girls!
I also have been building a great friendship with my soon to be sister in law- Jen. Even though she is so far away, I am really happy to be getting a sister like her... We have really gotten to know eachother through Skype in the last year and I know that our friendship can only grow from here on out.. especially if they move to mich ;)
I have to add some more names that I am thankful to have in my life.. These friends have really stuck by my side in 2010. I am so lucky to have all of these friends and I just want them to know as they read this that I appreciate them more than ever. Thanks for being a part of my life and now gaining Charlee and Derick too. Sandy and Andy.. Jillayne and Aaron.. Anns other half Jeff.. Evan.. Philicia, Danielle, and Sarah S.  I love my friendship I have with my favorite cousins too :) Kelly, Sheri, Paul and Caitlin!

I am excited to bring all of those aspects of my life into the new year... For New Years Eve, Derick and I got to enjoy a date day! Grandma Ditmar watched Charlee while we started our night off at Kobe for dinner! That is my absolute favorite restaurant.. We got yummy hibachi and Sushi. We then went to the museum to see the bodies revealed exibit. It was so neat! I learned a lot! Then since we were downtown.. we had friends who were in a suite above Rosa Park Circle watching the concert so we even got to enjoy that for an hour or so! It was the most perfect New Years ever. We had our day then ended it at around 11 and were home with Charlee and in bed by the time the ball dropped.. I didnt miss it at all... haha. Sleep is much nicer! Then enjoyed New Years Day with my family and a bunch of yummy snacks!
Me at the museum before we entered the bodies revealed exhibit

Derick fishing at the museum ;)

We love this part of the GR museum!

Derick being a goof

our yummy new years snacks!

Charlee enjoying her grand dad on new years da

we had such a good day!

My resolutions and goals..
1. to get MARRIED! Derick and I are finally going to tie the knot! As of May 7th 2011, I will be a MRS!

2. to buy a house! We will start house hunting in about March and plan on purchasing in April!

3. Cooking.. I will make all of Charlees baby food. I am also going to learn how to cook for Dericks sake :) 

4. To educate myself more on natural healing and healthy living. I want to truly embrace my ability of Massage Therapy and learn how to intertwine it with other natural remedies and just living an overall healthy life. 

5. Finances. I of course want to be more money smart. With buying a house, getting married and having a family we have no choice but to be smart with our money. We are going Dave Ramsey style this year;) I have a goal on becoming the coupon queen this year!

6. Photography, Scrapbooking. I want to become good at capturing the special moments in life and I want to record it all too! 

7. Blogging. this goes along with recording all of the special moments.... but I also want to share my passion as a parent, massage therapist and being a Christian with others too! 

8. Excersizing. Derick and I are starting an excersize routine :).. Its actually fun.. We have the Xbox kinect and we get to use it to be active! Its my favorite kind of work out!

9. Of course our biggest priority is our girl. We want to continue to be the best parents that we can be. We want to teach Charlee... play with her and love her. 

The end..

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  1. I love you guys more than I can say! Made me tear up a bit.