Monday, January 10, 2011

Charlee -3 months

Charlee is going to be 3 months old on thursday! I have loved the 0-3 month stage soo much! I really have learned that being a mom is a rewarding job. literally. I really have met who Charlee is and learned who she is going to be. She is the most amazing little person ever.. now passing the 0-3 month stage, I have to say I am loving it! Charlee is gaining such a personality! There are so many firsts happening! She really knows who mom and dad are and will pick us out of a group of people. She prefers to be in Derick or I's arms! I love it!! She is starting to need me to cuddle with her and just hold her rather than to just nurse her. Our bond with her is growing so much. Its so easy to love her these days. I spent an hour with her just making her laugh today! I love that she thinks I am so funny!
I was in my room the other day and I could not decide what to wear... I would put something on and take it off. I put on probably 3 outfits and all of a sudden I heard a little giggle from Charlee.. I looked over to see what was so funny and she was watching me!! It was absolutely adorable. It makes me smile just to write it out:) She squeals at television too or her toys that move. When she sees her reflection though, she gets so upset. Its so funny! She hates it.

In the last couple of weeks I have witnessed Charlee learn to reach for her best friend Ayla. She holds and reaches for her toys. She giggles more easily now. She found her feet. She sucks her thumb and she has gotten flirty eyes. She stands for a long time (being held of course). Her head control is near perfect now. She does not really get tired holding her head. She is even beginning to enjoy her tummy time.

 Charlee reaching for Ayla!
 Standing Lady

 We went to Braydens Birthday party on Sunday! hes 4! Here are all of the kids to sing happy birthday..
 The Babies and their dads.

 Theyre still discovering eachother.
 Happy Girl!
 Grabbing Ayla Grace.
 We concluded that Ayla wants to eat Charlee and Charlee just wants Ayla to chill out haha!

little feet

 Charlee found her feet and I caught it on camera!
^ I love this! ^
Tummy Time

 more time on her feet!
My snuggle muffin.. love..

As much as I tried to prevent it from happening she found her thumb!!

One more story to end this post.. I woke up this morning and changed Charlee on our bed rather than bringing her to the changing table for the first changing. She decided that she wanted to poop on our bed!! not only did she poop on our bed, she kicked it everywhere! We started our day off this morning with a big big mess! She got a bath and I got a ruined down comforter! It only makes me love her more though :)

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