Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Getting Bigger!

Charlee Rae is growing so quickly now! She is already 12 pounds and will be 8 weeks old tomorrow! I cant believe how fast time is going. I spend all of my free time with her and would not rather be doing anything else. I hate working. I hate that there is a chance i could miss something.  I hate that someone else could witness one of her firsts. I am however greatful for the people who are watching her while im away. I love that she is able to be familiar with different people.
Charlee is starting to become really great at lifting her head up. She loves sitting in her bumbo now. She also has such a personality now. Smiles come so easily now. She will also let you know right away if she is not okay with something. I love watching her and Ayla (my friend Bridgets baby) play together. Well right now they just lay there but its neat to watch them watch eachother. We try and see them once a week if not every other. I think they are going to be great friends!
Over the last few couple of weeks we went out to dinner for my moms birthday which went perfect! She actually has been doing really well with going places! If I need to feed her I just bring her in the booth with me and feed her. My new momzelle nursing shirts make it so easy :) We went to my postpartum check up; where she did great too. She got a little fussy toward the end and I fed her and everything was fine. I have the okay to start working out now :) I think that will be my new years resolution! We tried going to get a Christmas tree the other day but that was a fail. We got there and got her out of the car, she screamed. We got back in the car and went home! It was way too cold for her.
Yesterday Ann came over and we snapped a lot of pictures of her together. We are still trying to figure out some aspects of our new camera! I love it! Most of the time while Ann was here though, Charlee was a little grumpy. She was having some poo poo issues ;)
Sleeping is becoming more regular.. but not in a good way. She went from doing 5 solid hours to only doing 3. She will start by sleeping from 1030 or 11 until 2 every night and then she is up every hour after that. The positive side of this is she is now sleeping in her crib all night. I am happy to have gotten her out of her bouncy seat, which is the only place she would sleep before. Im just hoping with time that we can get more of a routine down of longer hours. Its going to be more difficult on the days I work but oh well I suppose!
Here are some pics from the last couple weeks!
 Charlee and Ayla

 ^Cole is in the background

 I love how Derick looks so proud of her here!
 Shes so happy

Dad on Diaper Duty!

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  1. Love your new pictures. I can't believe she's 12lbs already! Good job Momma!!