Monday, December 13, 2010


So a great way to start off being two months old is to sleep for 6 hours!! I feel so rested today. I never thought I would see the day after a 6 hour sleep again! Charlee turned two months old already, I cant believe it. She has become such an easy baby lately.. She has her two month check up tomorrow so we will find out what percentile shes in.. I am excited about that!

This weekend was a lot of fun for Charlee. She got to spend all day with Grandma Jo while I was at work. My mom was so happy she got to spend an entire day alone with her! Then saturday night she went to Grandma Ditmars for a couple hours while Derick and I went to his work Christmas dinner. Before we left though, I was changing a poopy diaper and all of a sudden she just giggled! She was looking at the ceiling fan going around and just thought it was hilarious. I dont think my heart has ever melted more! It was so much fun hearing that.
On Sunday we were hoping for another giggle but we haven't found anything to be as funny as a ceiling fan yet haha. Sunday was a good fun family day. We got together with my parents and brothers and decorated the Christmas tree.

 Some of her being a goof :)

 ^ my little creep ;)

 family hard at work
our family photos!

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