Monday, November 29, 2010

Back to work!

Time is flying by... I am back to work already and its bittersweet. Its nice to get out of the house once in a while but its really hard to be away from Charlee. It was nice to see my friends and clients. I did great until the 7th hour and then it was really hard because I was really busy at work and unable to call and check on my baby. Derick had fun with her and his mom all day though! Im sure Charlee enjoyed it too. Im nervous for this week because its my first full week back. I have to work on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. ugh. I am hoping to go down to two days a week soon so that I only have to leave her twice throughout the week. Its amazing how hard it is to do.
Derick and I got a new camera to take better pictures of our Love. Bare with us as were learning how to use it still ;) We are trying to capture all of her many many smiles now! I love when she smiles at me and seeing her smile at her dad. Its funny because she will look at her dad and smile huge then turn her head really fast. Like shes flirting with him. Her personality is really starting to shine!
She is also really starting to grow. She is eating every hour and sleeping a lot in between feedings. Its really hard for this mom to catch some shut eye. Its amazing to watch her get so big so fast though. I look at pictures of her from the beginning of this month to the end of this month and there is a huge change! I love it! Here are a few of the past few days! She spent a lot of time with family!

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