Friday, November 19, 2010


So I am really getting into blogging!! I had such a great day today with my best friend..  First I started my day with just my girl of course. In the last week she has been giving lots of smiles! I had to share!!

Then after our morning time Andrea came over and helped us get ready for a fun day together..
We started by getting our stroller fixed at the bike shop, then took a short walk while Ann snapped some pictures in downtown Rockford. That was fun but I wish it was warmer so that we could have enjoyed it longer. I already can not wait for this winter to be over with! After that the three of us went to Fridays and enjoyed some dinner! It was a little tricky feeding Charlee in the small booth while we were there but we managed! After that we went to JC Penney where Aunt Ann bought Charlee her christmas dress as her christmas present! :) youll see that later! Then wandered the mall for a bit and came home and hung out with Derick and skyped again with Jen, Cavan and Leah! I had such a fun day :)
Bedtime was back to the two hour fuss again. She decided that she wants to nurse on and off for at least two hours before bed! I do not mind spending this quality time with her but it makes me nervous to know that when daddy is putting her to bed when I go back to work, its going to be a fight cuz she wants to nurse :(
Every night before we put her to bed we give her a bath and tonight I decided to bathe with her and we had so much fun! I love doing that! she loves bath time so much. Her personality really shines when shes in the water!
We weighed her again tonight and at 5.5 weeks old she is now 11lbs exactly and 23 inches long!
My amazing girl..

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