Thursday, November 18, 2010

Colic Calm

We got to skype with Jen and Brayden two nights ago and I was telling them that Charlee would be sleeping for the night at that point. Well I was wrong. Usually when its 8:00 Charlee will scream for 2 hours and go to sleep. That night I thought I was lucky and She fell asleep right around 8.. Well, she woke up at 9 and decided to start the two hour scream party then. I get so sad because I just dont know how to make her better. Derick had more patience then and rocked her through most of it. Thank God for my wonderful fiance. She ended up falling asleep right around 11, which meant she slept until around 4 so I was happy about that at least!

We ordered something called colic calm that we are trying for her screaming. Its a natural gripe water that we hope will settle her stomach and relieve a little of her gas. I was partial at first about its capabilities. We gave her 3 doses throughout that day. She would calm down but only for like 10-20 minutes. It was the first day though, so I wanted to see how day 2 went.
Well today and tonight was the test. She woke up this morning a little fussy but then calmed down and was in a great mood all day. She had no problem with her feedings and she actually spent some time not being held smiling at the toys in her bouncy chair. Right around 5:00 she started getting quite moody again so I wanted to beat her to the punch and give her another dose. She loves the taste of it so that part is easy. After I gave it to her and after a feeding she seemed okay. Around 6:30 Derick bathed her and we got her ready for bed. By the time it was 7:00 She was falling asleep while I was rocking her. She usually does this though, so I didnt want to get my hopes up.. But by 7:30, I put her in her crib and she slept until about 11:45!!
After three doses day 1 and one dose day 2..  I am a big fan of gripe water :) Its yucky looking and can stain her clothes but it sure is nice having a happy baby! I just hope it continues!

I also think she is going through a growth spurt now because she is cluster feeding again. I only had like a week break from that. I hope it gets better soon because i decided for our families sake to go back to work a few days a week. I dont think a baby sitter will be able to handle feeding her all day like I am able to. We have been giving her bottles lately just to get her used to the fact that she will have to take them here in the near future. Sometimes she refuses to take a bottle from me  when she knows my boob is right there. It can be annoying when we are out and about but I suppose i cant blame her for wanting what shes comfortable with :) It does make me happy though, knowing I am so comforting to her when she feeds. I am so happy I chose breast feeding for her. There are so many great benefits. It blows my mind that some people choose not to try it at all.

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