Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Holidays

The holidays can be so hectic for Derick and I, between the two of us we have 4 sets of parents. Since Christmas was on Saturday this year it actually worked out perfectly! We had a family Christmas party on friday and then went to my moms for a few hours. Saturday we woke up and had Christmas with my dads side of the family then went to Dericks dads. Then today we had Christmas with Dericks mom. It could not have gone better. Charlee did so great with all of the traveling. She of course got tons and tons of gifts. We celebrated Jesus' birthday by spreading our love throughout our family.

 Christmas time makes me think about my life. This is my third Christmas with Derick. That is so crazy to think about. Our time has just flown by with eachother. Every moment with him has been amazing. I love our relationship. Derick is such an amazing fiance and father. Life has been wonderfully challenging with our new addition to our little family and we could not be stronger together. We cherish every laugh and every cry of Charlees together. We still make time to just sit and laugh together everyday too. We feel so lucky knowing Christ has given us the life he did, including our little peanut. Derick and I were talking the other day and we always just remind eachother that we have such a cool relationship. We pick and choose our arguments so that there are not many at all. We laugh together. We LOVE eachother :) I suppose this post is mostly for my wonderful fiance to read. I appreciate you more than you could ever know. Thanks for being my best friend.

Charlee is getting so strong lately. She is starting to actually sit up on her own for about five seconds at a time. She has many four month qualities.. I took her to the doctor on the 14th and she was very impressed with her growth. That day she was 11.11lbs and I know she has grown since then. She was also 23.5 inches long. She is in six month clothes now. I cant believe I have already have to pack up her 3 month stuff! She is sleeping incredibly now. She sleeps for about 6 hours every night and then is up every two. It is so nice. I never want that to go backwards! She is in a great routine now. She has been waking up at around 9am and she will go to bed around 9 pm. Her smiles come so easily now and we have even heard a few giggles from her. We have held her through most of the day since she was born so now she is starting to hate being put down. I am okay with that though. We try to cherish her littleness. Some of our favorite gifts for her this Christmas were a few Christian books from my mom and grandpa brian along with her precious moments globe. She got lots n lots of toys from Grandma and Grandpa Jack. She also got a few toys from some of her great aunts and cousins. My parents got her started with a college fund and Grandma and Grandpa Goltz have a gift coming for her in the mail. I think we are going to enjoy a carrier for her :) She made out well this year. We will get out all of the toys in the next couple of days and show them to her. Which means lots more pictures :)

I still hate leaving her for 9 hours at a time but work is starting to go better. I was having a hard time pumping at first. I tried taking a herb called fenugreek which is supposed to help with that and it seems to be working. The true test will be while I am at work tomorrow. This New Years Eve will be a fun one with Derick. We are going to enjoy a date day and Charlee will get to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa Jack.


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